Lifesmart Products LCHT0016US LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater

Lifesmart Products LCHT0016US LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater Review

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  • Ease of installation
  • Air Power
  • Child Lock


  • Can make a whistling hum when it shuts off
  • Fragile, units arrived broken

So, We have been looking for an Infra-Red Heater that promises to be the best infra-red heater ever made and it actually keeps to its word and its trademark. Well, when you get to that cross road, all you have to do, is look this way and try the Life-Lux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater.

This Infra-red promises the best of insulation possible in a home and I can assure you that since I have been using this, it has not crossed my mind that maybe I made the wrong choice in getting this. On the contrary, I am so impressed with how it functions that I cannot but recommend it to anyone who needs an infra-red heater that would drive away all their doubts as regards decision taking and making.

The truth still remains that this is a really great and excellent machine. It has the ability to keep the whole house warm and insulated. Adding to it that it now looks good, I think this is just the perfect product for the perfect home. Add the feature of a remote control to alternate whatever you want to achieve with it.

The LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater comes made with the traditional style of floor heaters and it houses 1500 watts and 8 wrapped elements. It is definitely smart and efficient and it can be controlled with the use of your remote from whatever corner of the room you are.

​Air Distribution

Talk about how it evenly distributes air all around. In air distribution, it is highly effective in spreading air all around and reaching all corners of the room. For safety measures, it features an overheat and tip-over shut off. At this rate, you should not worry about whether your apartment can get over insulated. By the time it gets too hot, it will shut off by itself. You even have the option to choose what heat level you wish to operate with. You can decide to stick with either the high, low or even the eco settings. Either one you choose, you can rest assured that you are using the right equipment and you will get the best of services.


Where can you place it? You can decide for yourself where you would want this to be placed. You can either decide to place it in your living room or to place in where you need the warmth a lot more. Making this choice should not be a difficult one and once you make that decision, You can then place it wherever you have decided to place it. Also, once you have placed it where you want, be rest assured that it would sufficiently serve and go all round. Know also that when you want to use it, you will take into consideration the room where you really need the extra warmth.


Installation is quite easy and totally involves no stress. I was quite surprised when I realized that all I had to do was just to get it all out and plug it in for it to start functioning properly. Can you believe the ease that is involved in installing this device? It is totally mind blowing. One would assume that with the way it is supposed to function, getting to install it would involve some serious work. Rather, all you have to do is just to unpack it, place it where you want to place it, plug it in into your preferred power source and straight away, You can start enjoying your device.


Child Lock

Can you believe that it even has a child lock? The LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater comes with a lot of features that totally improves it. It also has a cool touch exterior that safeguards one from getting scorched per adventure you mistakenly touch it while it is heating up the room.

Timer Settings

You can also set up your LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater in such a way that You decide how long You want it to run for. You can decide how long for as much as 12 hours or lower than 12 hours. So, if You think you need to use it for lower than 12 hours, you can set it to the approximate hours you will need it. By the appointed time, it will automatically shut itself off.

Have I mentioned the awesome ease of installation? Asides the ease of installation, it also needs no real work for installation or even to assemble it. What this basically means is that all the hard work has been done for you and all you have to do is to just buy your own version, take it home and start enjoying it. Fully packed, fully arranged. Life cannot be easier than this. The LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater is totally on your side in terms of giving you comfort and ease of use.

Talk about the Infra-red heat it generates. The heat of the LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater is totally satisfying for the location you place it. It uses the Electric Infrared 8 Element for its warmth provision making it quite easy for it to provide enough warmth to any area of the house it is placed in. Now, with Infra-red emitters, You get a lot of savings on energy and time. Even, during industrial heat processes, your time and money is saved very adequately. It also adds up the plug which will help one prevent fire outbreaks and keep your house further safe and secure.

Are you convinced enough? I am, even to go get another set for keeps just for the sake of it. The LifeLux 8 Element Infrared Space Heater is one sure and best Infra-red Heater that You can decide to use in your home to see if it will not topple all your previous experiences with heat emitters. Or, you could even place it side by side with all infra -red emitters and see if you would not be thrilled excessively.

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